CBT is psychoeducational

and I shall explain how it is used in my courses

CBT works with your thoughts (your cognitions) and with the things that you do (your behaviours)

That's where the 'C' and 'B' comes from in CBT - your cognitions and behaviours

What's so important about thoughts and behaviours?

Well. They might not be helping you!

Everything is connected. I want to encourage you, not to see your thoughts, feelings and behaviours as all being separate, rather, see them as connected. They all have an impact on the other.

For example, have you ever gone over a previous argument in your head? How did you feel? I'm presuming you did not feel all light and fluffy, rather, you might have felt some of the original anger or hurt.

Or have you ever just been in a bad mood? How were your thoughts? Thinking of kittens and cuddly animals - I doubt it! What about your behaviours? When you are in a bad mood, do you have untold patience for the car in front that is driving at 25mph? Maybe not!

What I am trying to do, is to get you thinking about how your mood (what you are feeling) can have an impact on what you are feeling in your body and also on what you do, how you are with others.

Also, depending on what is going on inside with your thought process, also has a direct impact on what you do and what you feel.


If your thoughts are, I can't do this, I'm not good enough, I'll get anxious, I'll have a panic attack - this has a direct impact on how you are feeling. You won't feel good.

It also will have an impact on your behaviour. You might not attempt something, you might not speak up in a meeting, you might avoid things that you think will make you look stupid or make you anxious or have a panic attack

CBT starts to break this down for you.

As I mentioned before, it is psychoeducational. Think of it as me helping you to investigate all your thoughts and the impact they have on you.

When we find unhelpful thoughts, I shall show you how to change them.

How does this work in an online course?

Good question. It works the same way as seeing me in person. If you were in session with me I give you tools to uncover your thoughts and behaviours.

In my courses, I do exactly the same. All lectures are fully explained and all materials are provided for you.

I tell you exactly what to do, just the same as I would if you saw me in person