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Retrain Your Brain

Hello Elaine,

I have to say I'm really enjoying the course. I have always been fascinated by psychology and the mind but for some reason I couldn't understand my own brain and how my body reacted to its thoughts.

I have had therapy before and while it definitely helped it didn't seem to really speak to me or really hit home.

My anxiety seems to have two causes. My negative thought patterns when I’m stressed causes me to get anxious but I also get anxious sometimes for no obvious reason, like sitting down watching tv on a Saturday night. I loved the science element of the course it has made a lot of sense to me.

Anxiety has never been explained to me like that before and I find it very helpful.

I'm the type of person that likes to get an understanding of why something is happening. I never thought that I could rewire my brain.

I am particularly loving the mindfulness and mediation. I have dabbled in mediation before but I never enjoyed it and I felt like it was chore to do. But I’m really enjoying it now. What really spoke to me was that I need to practice and learn to relax again. I’m 37 and have been anxious for a lot of that time and it will take effort to learn how to relax again.

I loved hearing that when I do practice and make mediation my daily routine my body will automatically become more relaxed. I have been doing the mediation everyday for 2 weeks and I have to say it has made quite a difference in how I feel. I feel more relaxed and happy.

I have a way to go but this is an excellent start. I'm enjoying it so much I’m looking into other mediation/mindfulness courses I can do after this one.

Thank you for setting up this course I think it's a revelation and I love the animations and I appreciate visual aids when I’m learning something.

This is maybe a crazy statement but I now realise it's OK to relax.! 😁

I listened to the "sleep" MP3 last night in bed, and I woke up this morning feeling refreshed for the first time in ages, as if I'd had a proper nights sleep. For the first time in years, there wasn't one single thought in my head, which was amazing!!! Normally my head is flooded with work worries.

I can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work for all us anxious worriers!!

Course rated 5/5

I have tried meditation in the past, and even tried do it yourself CBT from a book, but nothing seemed to stick. This course has joined all the dots for me.
The meditation is making a huge difference to my life, I am feeling much calmer as I go through my day. The first morning after meditating, I woke up with a clear head for the first time in years.


Course rated 5/5

I would love if there was some more content on mindfulness exercises and distraction exercises but other than that this course was excellent, have struggled with anxiety for years and only now started to realize what it actually is, you're absolutely right the only reason people are scared of anxiety is because they don't fully understand it.

The fact that the course teaches you all about the history of where the feelings come from and then onto how they affect our behaviours allows it to be logical and tangible to the student.

It gives them the necessary knowledge to understand their feelings more and it gives them the tools to help themselves.

Its a pity this content isn't taught to children in school to show them what is happening to them if they ever feel like this so that they could then realize its perfectly natural and can be remedied with the right help and guidance...or maybe it is, I haven't heard. I'd like to thank you for creating this website. I now know all I have been doing is managing anxiety with diet and exercise, I have not challenge my negative thoughts that I have built up through negative behaviours as a result of negative feelings towards stressors. All very logical! Brilliant resource and delighted I have access to this for life. Well done! Thanks again Elaine!


Hi Elaine

It was great. The appointments I had with you last year where also great, they help me through a really tough time. It actually turned my life around for the most part, I changed my work patterns a bit.

The online course was great, it was a refresher for me. As the past little while I'd a bit of crisis in confidence with relationship, which is my biggest area I suffer with. I did the course after a situation I was in and when the next time there's someone in my life I will be using it again, because now doubt it could creep in.

The first video hit home with me straight away, about touching something that hurts and constantly poking it, I do that, I don't want to but I do. I've been trying more and more, to not do what triggers it. As my biggest issue is relationships, I constantly think it's over and I'm blocked, after a date or two, whatsapp is the biggest curse, half is it the guys I date being full on and then not, especially if I like them I just panic.
The online course just help me restock and remember all I'd learn with you, as like you said in one of the videos it's hard to remember everything. The access online really works for me as it suits my lifestyle, plus it's now really good to know I can access something like this when I need it. But I was a bit worried initially that not seeing a person wouldn't work for me, but hearing your voice, that concern was gone. It works pretty much the same as going for a session with you, which I was pleasantly surprised about. It was very clear, to the point and I have even more of an understanding than before.
My anxiety isn't something that will just go away forever, that I realised recently. I did use this course to late, I got myself in a state to the point the guy I was dating, it ended etc and I freaked him out. But I have no doubt I will be the same if I do meet someone again, as I don't expect miracles.
I will be using and applying this course, it's what I need, just discovered it to late this time. It helps me understand whats going on, because sometimes it feels like I'm someone else, the habit I've formed & you're right it is a habit, if I look back it's the same thing over and over & it took these videos to help me realise it.
I think the online website is a fantastic idea, I was skeptic as I said but it really is great. I do hope to in a few weeks do the full course again, at the moment I can't, but to know it's there and so easy to access is a great relieve for me. I think more people would benefit from something like this.
Thanks Elaine for setting it up, you where great when I went to you, but rather than leave your clients when you know longer could do it, which is entirely understandable, not everyone stays at the same job forever, you are an an asset to your profession and one they could do with, but you have to do whats best for you regardless. You in the end have set up something that I think is possibly better, we live so much online these days it makes more sense, certainly to me anyway.
I look forward to doing the course in the future & I hope more people who suffer with anxiety like me, discover it, because for the most part you feel on your own but this helps you through that and you realise your not.

Dr. Elaine:

I want to give you feedback on your materials on “Retain Your Brain”. I have found them wonderfully helpful. I have been attending therapy. The therapy is very helpful – your course materials are succinct and in some ways more organized and easier to understand that her method of treatment.

I feel as though I understand anxiety so much better, and my understanding my own negativity bias has come out loud and clear.

My taking notes about my personal beliefs, and how they are irrationally negative in certain areas, has been helpful. Then when your course asked me to go back and place my “core belief” on these issues, and then instead describe these issues with a positivity approach, this made so much sense. It definitely has relieved anxiety.

I now refer to these notes of mine regularly, along with the notes I have taken from a book by Pope Francis about God’s mercy and forgiveness. This also helps me greatly to know that God awaits us with open arms, God likes to hear about our sins, and then God embraces and kisses us. There is a quote I love in the book, “God forgives not with a decree but with a caress”. This helps me to forgive myself in a gentler manner.

The bottom line for me is I developed a “rut” as you have described where I expected only perfection in myself, and fell into “negative fortune telling”, “should”, “personalizing”, “what ifs”, “inability to disconfirm” and “catastrophizing”, as well as “regrets”. Enumerating my core beliefs in these categories and then following them with the truth, much more positive, has been very helpful.

Direct and to the point. With dedication, improvement is inevitable :)

Hi Elaine I thought your mini course was brilliant. I loved how you explained how you have 3 brains. That really helped me, I suffer with very bad GAD, panic disorder, health anxiety and ocd intrusive thoughts.

I am currently doing CBT but it was never explained to me about your 3 brains and I can now see how it works because I was so confused, so thank you for that ☺

Hi Elaine ,

I found your course very helpful and easy to follow and even better than some of the treatments I have had in the past .
You have made me realise it is how you think than can keep these feelings of anxiety & fear going ..
I will certainly keep all these helpful Tips ,videos and your course in my files so I can return to them when needed just to remind me how I can overcome my health anxiety .
Thank you so much for your help 🤗.
Kind Regards ,

Very accessible, approachable, easy to follow.

Empowering. Feels personal, which I wasn't sure would be the case with an online resource. Thankyou!

The videos and information are very helpful. I am using the breathing exercises, counting before reacting, and maintaining an air of calmness quite better than previously.

Eating is better as well. I have taken a stance to eating at the table during the midday and early evening meals with no snacking, just coffee and water through the evening/night hours. Exercising as well is helping me fight the hunger pangs; I know school work is time-consuming and so I try to eat before sitting down or after exercises in order to accomplish my assignments.

Excellent, Worth every penny & More!!

Just finished the course today and loved it. I took my time with each part to let Elaine's words and ideas sink in and to practice. Having ptsd,anxiety & depression I have tried cbt before along with medication but this is the first time my eyes were really opened up to how my mind was thinking & processing. Each section of the course is well laid out, you can feel your thoughts changing if you follow and take in each video.

Just what the doctor ordered! The content of this course is excellent. Each video is paced perfectly and Elaine's style is very casual and engaging. Perfect for the subject material. The production quality is very professional and it avoids the dreaded death by PowerPoint. If you are dealing with stress or anxiety then do not hesitate you have found the course you have been searching for.

Very insightful It made me think of why my negative thoughts cause me anxiety and avoid situations. I learned to interrupt my brain in the space after something happens , with a positive thought. Soothing voice, Dr. Elaine!!

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