What do I mean by Retrain Your BrainĀ®?

I am going to talk to you about something called Neuroplasticity

What is Neuroplasticity?

Put very simply, it is your brains ability to change and learn to react differently.

Why is this important?

At the moment, you might not be happy with how your brain is reacting to your daily life.

For example

feeling too much stress
getting anxious or having panic attacks
experiencing unwelcome thoughts
negative thinking

I can help you with this

By helping you to make new connections in your brain

Your brain is shaped by your experiences and how you think about things and how you behave.

For example, if you often feel anxiety in your body, have anxious thoughts, and avoid things that you think may make you anxious. This is how your brain is working for you. I want to show you how to think, feel and do things differently, to help you make new connections in your brain.


Before you can fix anything, you need to uncover and understand the cause

I want to show you how to think and behave differently. In a way that is helping you in life, and reducing your problems, rather than adding to them.

In my courses I explain and show you how to determine where you main problems lie.

In addition to other things, I shall show you how to change how you think about things, change how you relate to anxiety and show you how to calm down your over sensitised nervous system.

In showing you how to do this, you make the change. Changing how you do things, how you operate in the world and this has an impact on the connections in your brain.

To recap, your current difficulties can be related to how your brain habitually responds to your daily life. My courses are to show you how to respond differently, in a more helpful way. To Retrain Your Brain; to change how it responds to your daily life.

Become your own expert

Many difficulties can be overcome when you fully understand your problem . I can help you with this.

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