Retrain Your Brain® to Unlearn Anxiety

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Retrain Your Brain® follows the same format as a session with me in person, the video will explain what are the best options for you

Retrain Your Brain®

Train your brain to think differently

Educate yourself about how your brain works

Understand what really causes your anxiety

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Retrain Your Brain® is based on Science

and follows the same techniques I use and developed in my private practice

Over 2500 people have taken this course and I have a dynamic feedback form

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Reviews are saying this course is better than attending a face to face therapist!

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Information on how your brain works is fundamental, I believe to reducing anxiety, and is left out by many therapists, who are not trained in the brain.

You will learn how your brain has evolved to avoid threats, and you'll be surprised to see that these threats, can be 'speaking with your boss', 'meeting friends', or going somewhere that you think may 'trigger your anxiety.'

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is a recommended treatment for anxiety and is included in my course along with all the examples and worksheets that you shall need.


I have also included a section on Mindfulness in this course, as I believe it is necessary to teach you how to respond differently to the things that are causing you anxiety.

What do I mean by Retrain Your Brain®?

Retrain Your Brain®

Many difficulties can be overcome when you fully understand your problem . I can help you with this.

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When does the course start and finish?
If you have a monthly subscription: The course immediately and lasts as long as you keep your subscription. When you no longer need your course, just cancel your subscription. If you have a one time purchase; the course starts immediately and you have access for life, including all future updates.
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If you have purchased the course outright, with a one off payment and are not happy, please contact us within 30 days and you shall receive a no questions asked full refund. There are no refunds for the monthly subscriptions, if you are not happy, just cancel your subscription and you will have access to your course until the end of the time you have paid for and will not be billed again

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Dr Elaine Ryan
Dr Elaine Ryan

Dr of Psychology

Chartered Psychologist with The British Psychological Society

Member of The UK Society for Behavioural Medicine

Member of the Division of Neuropsychology, BPS

Member of the Division of Health Psychology, BPS